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Eye See Eye Learn Program

Children and students typically go to the optometrist’s office after a problem arises. The Eye See…Eye Learn (ESEL) program was developed to encourage parents to take a proactive approach to eye health and its connection to learning in children. ESEL provides a comprehensive eye exam to junior kindergarten students in participating school regions.

Studies show that 80 percent of learning comes directly through vision so providing children with every opportunity for success is the motivation behind ESEL. Dr. Caroline Teske and the team at Eyes Focused on You in Georgetown are pilot leaders for the program.

A complete eye exam offered through this program (and paid for by OHIP) provides much more insight than the cursory vision screenings students may experience in school. In addition, children up to the age of 20 can have their annual eye exam covered by OHIP to encourage a lifelong habit of monitoring and managing your eye health.

Visit http://eyeseeeyelearn.ca for more information.


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