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A new progressive lens from Nikon is changing the way people see the world.  Nikon's SEEMAX ULTIMATE progressive lens is a breakthrough lens technology that delivers a field of vision as unique and personalized as your own fingerprint!  This truly revolutionary approach to customization redefines what we can expect from progressives.

At Eyes Focused on You, our primary goal is to provide education to our patients to empower them to take charge of their health and the health of their families.  It's important to know about progressive lenses and understand the benefits they provide so that you can make the best possible decision when it comes to vision correction. 

What are the benefits of progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses work well for those with more than one vision problem, for example, those who are far-sighted or near-sighted and are losing their ability to focus (presbyopia).  Having a combination of vision issues can require multiple pairs of glasses in order to cope with our visually demanding world. This can be difficult and impact our quality of life.  We need to see clearly, far and close, and in between.  Imagine going to the grocery store wearing one pair of glasses, browsing the shelves wearing another pair, and then having to switch to a third pair to read the ingredients label or check the price!  Many people live with this situation for years.

Progressive lenses reduce the need for multiple pairs of glasses but, unlike bifocals which provide just two lens powers, or trifocals which provide three, progressives are true multifocal lenses that provide a smoother, seamless progression through many lens powers for clear vision up close, in the distance, and in between, so you can see the world as nature intended, without any effort to focus.

The new SEEMAX ULTIMATE progressive lens from Nikon is a very exciting development.  It opens up a new era of vision correction through unprecedented personalization to the individual's needs, preferences and viewing habits.  With the SEEMAX ULTIMATE  technology, your prescription is used to create the lens rather than have the lens adapted to your prescription.  This new software uses detailed input from the patient about things like sensitivities to blur and near vision working distance, resulting in lenses built for you, by you!

Benefits of Nikon's SEEMAX ULTIMATE progressive lens

  • Wearers forget they are wearing progressives!
  • Regardless of what you wore before, everything is instantly familiar right from the start
  • You can see your world your way by being in control of what matters most
  • Instant focus at intermediate distances
  • Natural vision when scanning from side to side
  • Lenses feel like they carry no visual distractions
  • Seemingly boundless view with minimal visual distractions

If you are considering progressives, there has not been a better time to try them. Nikon's SEEMAX ULTIMATE progressive lenses are available at Eyes Focused on You.   Call 905 702 1616 to book an appointment. 


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