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It's Back to School time!  Are you ready? 

A new school year is an exciting time for a child. It's also the ideal time to have your child's eyes examined by an optometrist.

At Eyes Focused on You, we work to provide the information and assistance our patients need to take charge of their health and the health of their families.  It's important to know that annual, comprehensive eye exams are essential for children because 80% of learning is acquired through vision.  If your child is struggling in school, a vision processing problem could be the cause. Fortunately, vision processing problems can be treated with an optometric discipline called Vision Therapy.

FOCUS VISION THERAPY -- Our new Vision Therapy clinic!

Vision Therapy has been around for 50 years and is an impactful treatment for a number of vision problems. It is now an important new offering at Eyes Focused on You through our recently opened new clinic, FOCUS VISION THERAPY. This new practice enhances our scope of care and demonstrates our commitment to patient wellness and our holistic approach to health treatment of the eyes, mind and body.

What is Vision Therapy?

To understand Vision Therapy we must first understand the meaning of vision -- it is not the same as sight. Our eyes provide us with a picture, but our brain gives us vision.  For learning and reading, our brain must process images well.  Optometric Vision Therapy trains the brain to be more efficient -- yes, vision is learned!  Vision Therapy can be used to treat children and adults and can correct or improve a number of vision problems. These include strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), concussion-related vision problems, and visual-perceptual-motor abilities. Vision Therapy also focuses on posture, the visual system, body awareness, and spatial awareness.

What does Vision Therapy involve?

Once a potential Vision Therapy patient is referred to FOCUS VISION THERAPY, an assessment is made and a treatment plan is created for the specific needs of the individual. A 10 week treatment period is then undertaken with a certified vision therapist. Tools such as lenses, prisms, balance beams, a trampoline, and bean bags are usually included in therapy. Each session typically lasts one hour and home exercises take 15-20 minutes daily to complete.  At the end of the treatment period, another assessment is made to check progress and make adjustments as needed.

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What does Vision Therapy do?

Vision Therapy improves our vision skills. Here are a few of the vision skills we use every day:

  • The ability to follow a moving object smoothly, accurately and effortlessly with both eyes and at the same time think, talk, read or listen without losing alignment of the eyes. This pursuit ability is used to follow a ball or a person, to guide a pencil while writing and to read numbers on moving objects such as railroad cars, etc.

  • The ability to fix the eyes on a series of stationary objects quickly and accurately, with both eyes, and at the same time know what each object is; a skill used to read words from left to right, add columns of numbers, read maps, etc.

  • The ability to change focus quickly, without blur, from far to near and from near to far, over and over, effortlessly and at the same time look for meaning and obtain understanding from the symbols or objects seen. This ability is used to copy from the chalkboard, to watch the road ahead and check the speedometer, to read a book and watch TV across the room, etc.

Clearly, we need good vision to make sense of our world, interact with it, and learn.  As your child hits the books again for another year, make an eye exam part of their back to school routine.  If a vision problem is detected Vision Therapy could be an important addition to your family's health and wellness tool box.


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