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If you have only ever worn glasses, have you considered giving contact lenses a try? Single use contact lenses now offer better vision, comfort, eye health and are accessible! Participating in different activities may be more fun with contact lenses.

When you more frequently replace your contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes will be. Even with thorough cleaning, lenses do get protein and calcium build up over time. These deposits can cause irritation in the eyes making you prone to infection if you aren’t diligent. Daily wear contacts can reduce your risk of complications and keep your eye care regime simple. The cost used to be prohibitive and now can be as low as $1 per day!

Some vision correction prescriptions are outside the range in which daily disposable lenses are produced so be sure to discuss in detail with your optometrist. They will evaluate whether daily disposables or other type of lens will work best for you by helping you weight the pros and cons based on her familiarity with your vision and eye care habits.

Why Choose Contacts?

Today, glasses can be considered more like jewelry than a medical device. The range of options for smart-looking frames and slim-lensed spectacles is huge. The added options of progressive lenses, transition lenses and special optical coatings have made today’s eyeglass selection very attractive and comprehensive. There are also many reasons to give contacts a try.

One of the biggest complaints regarding glasses comes from athletes. It’s difficult to get a hockey helmet over eyeglasses and sometimes the peripheral view isn’t clear. Heading from cold ice to a warm dressing room usually means getting fogged up. Running or breaking a sweat on the soccer field might result in glasses constantly sliding down your nose causing distraction and annoyance. Choosing contact lenses in these scenarios is convenient.

Whether you’ve always worn glasses or you’ve tried and rejected contacts before, consider giving them another try. At your next appointment, speak to your optometrist about the best options for you.


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