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People with dyslexia usually have difficulty learning to read, spell or write despite normal intelligence. Dyslexics often get labeled as lazy, dumb, or careless through no fault of their own. This naturally can lead to poor self-esteem and emotional frustration.

In a recent study, French scientists revealed that they may have found a cause for dyslexia hidden deep within the eye. They discovered differences in the shape of light-receptor cells between non-dyslexics and those that have the condition.

Human beings generally have a ‘dominant’ eye, much like they are right- or left-handed. In non-dyslexics, the light-receptor cells appeared round in one eye and oblong in the other, making one eye dominant. Meanwhile in the dyslexics who participated in the study, the light-receptor cells were shaped the same in both eyes. With neither eye being dominant, each eye sent a slightly different visual message to the brain causing confusion and creating a ‘mirror’ effect. This is illustrated when a dyslexic mixes up the letters b and d. It is an ongoing challenge when the dyslexics brain must continuously process two slightly different messages for every visual scene.

Researchers Guy Ropars and Albert le Floch from the University of Rennes, believe their observations may have found the cause of dyslexia. It’s incredible how we are continuously learning how the eyes are an extension of the brain. This supports our ongoing message that in order to be truly well, we must consider the whole body and take an integrative approach to our health.

The good news coming out of this research is that it should be fairly simple to diagnose and treat. Although this is just one study and other research identifies different areas of focus, this study is still good news to the 700 million people worldwide who suffer from dyslexia.

Read more about the science behind the research:
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B (research abstract)


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