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In this "Let's Just Do This" podcast with Margaret Wallis-Duffy, Dr. Caroline Teske from Eyes Focused On You, and Dr. David Wong, Chief Opthamologist from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, join forces to have an informative discussion about Retinopathy, and eye health in general. Dr. Wong spearheaded an incredible study about the positive effects of Opthamologists are often the first health professionals to diagnose diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other inflammatory conditions!

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion have made the headlines in recent years, as their effects are becoming better understood. However, many of us have only a limited grasp of how these injuries can occur, how they can impact vision, and how they can be treated. 

At Eyes Focused on You, our primary goal is to provide education to our patients to empower them to take charge of their health and the health of their families.  Here, we provide an overview of dry eye, and how to prevent and treat it.

It's Back to School time!  Are you ready? 

A new school year is an exciting time for a child. It's also the ideal time to have your child's eyes examined by an optometrist.

Joanne McNicol is a patient of Eyes Focused on You and we had been assessing her for vision episodes that were suspected ocular migraines.  Ocular migraines can occur with or without a headache and cause the patient to experience flashing or shimmering lights, zig zagging lines or stars, and it can sometimes even cause blind spots in the normal field of vision.

August is Vision & Learning Month and as a new school year approaches it's an excellent time to explore the vital role of vision in learning. 

Vision is not the same as sight.  Our eyes provide a picture, but vision is how the brain processes that picture and how the eyes and brain work together. Vision is learned and it enables us to make sense of the world and interact with it. It impacts how we think and feel, how we solve problems, and it greatly impacts learning. In fact, 80% of a child's learning is through vision. 


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