Gerry Visca, one of Canada's top inspirational speakers, is featuring our very own Caroline Teske on the next issue of Defyeneurs magazine!

In this episode of Let's Just Do This, Margaret Wallis-Duffy speaks with Dr. Caroline Teske about taking care of your overall health through your eyes.

Wellness Educator and Registered Massage Therapist, Margaret Wallis-Duffy, has been working with Dr. Teske and modelling integrative health for their patients. They are living the ‘Better Together’ philosophy and their patients are delighted with the results.

You asked, we listened!
WOW New Media and Dr. Teske and Associates are linking arms again to bring you another community holistic health education event. This time our focus is on a holistic approach to managing stress and improving mental health.

On November 10, 2017 we were thrilled to share with Mr. Ted Arnott MPP all the activity happening in Optometry at Dr. Teske and Associates. The eyes are the window to the rest of the body! That is the message of our Wellness Clinic and it is important to educate patients on all the tools available to stay healthy.

The latest technology introduced at Eyes Focused on You is the Optomap by Optos. This ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology enables us to record more than 80% of the retina as opposed to the 15% previously possible with other digital technologies. This equipment enables us to capture a fast and painless image that can be instrumental in diagnosis and treatment of many conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, cancers such as melanoma, MS and many other diseases.  Since our goal is to be proactive not reactive to disease, Optomap has become an integral part of your eye wellness exam.

To learn more about the Optomap, click here:


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