Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) is an electrotherapy approach to managing chronic pain. Essentially, MPS is a noninvasive and drug-free manipulation of the autonomic nervous system through an integration of microcurrent stimulation and acupressure and is most often found in the practice for licensed massage therapists.

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible neurological disorder that destroys brain cells causing memory to deteriorate. Although there is currently no cure, there are treatments available that can improve quality of life by lessening the impact of symptoms.

Believe it or not, your holistic Optometrist plays a critical role in managing healthcare costs by early detection of illness, by motivating patients to control their blood sugar and helping ensure good control of the diabetes. The retina can reveal small micro-hemorrhages, swelling and/or new blood vessel growth.

In this podcast from Let's Just Do This, Margaret Wallis-Duffy and Todd Miller speak with Dr. Caroline Teske, Holistic Optometrist at Dr. Teske & Associates. A lively, fun and educational interview, as they talk about how Dr. Teske is an expert on Vision Therapy, coming to her clinic this fall.

Thyroid eye disease also known as Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy (TAO) or Grave’s orbitopathy is an autoimmune inflammatory disorder that affects the thyroid gland and the eye orbit. It is usually characterized by eyelid retraction, swelling and bulging eyes and is quite often associated with Graves’ disease.

Promising research has been revealed that suggests your optometrist could be part of the team that helps identify autism earlier. According to researchers at the University of Rochester, rapid eye movements (known as saccade) may be the key.

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