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Eighty per cent of classroom learning is visual which makes the beginning of the school year an excellent time for a comprehensive eye exam. Your optometrist can identify vision problems and treatment options to help students reach their full potential. Children who have trouble seeing can encounter difficulties at school because their motor skills, social development, attention span and ability to read, write and learn may be affected.

In this video segment, Dr. Teske discusses with Margaret Wallis-Duffy the fact that everyone will experience cataracts and the importance of monitoring cataract change and having yearly wellness checks with your optometrist.

At Eyes Focused on You we are interested in learning the science behind health issues, particularly those that affect the eyes. While we recognize that research is ongoing in most fields, we appreciate the value of anecdotal evidence to support theories and ideas that lead to better care and treatment of vision conditions.

In this video segment, a cataract surgery patient, describes her experience with cataracts from symptoms prior to cataract surgery and after surgery.

In this second video in our Eye Health Series, we feature Dr. Ike Ahmed, recognized as being one of the most experienced complex eye surgeons in the world, Dr. Sohel Somani, specializing in the treatment of various retinal diseases and Optometrist Dr. Caroline Teske

In this video segment, Rosie McRoberts, CCOA talks about one of the challenges after a patient has had cataracts removed. Because the natural lens in your eye is gone, the need for a very high quality pair of sunglasses is really going to help with enhancing the natural quality of your vision by letting light in while letting no UV rays in.


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